This wine subscription introduced us to our new favourite bottle

There are so many wines available both offline and online it’s a challenge to choose a style that you like. If you’re like us and want to find out more about the wines you consume, it’s time to get rid of the mass-produced wine and go for the Plonk.

Its Monthly wine subscription product promises to provide you with small-batch winemakers by sending you a selection of hand-picked wine from family-run vineyards each month. The employees of the brand find the winemakers themselves, which adds to its appeal. This means that the wines you receive will be distinctive and different from any other wine you’ve had before.

When we first heard about Plonk, it sounded almost too good to be real and sustainably sourced natural wines each month. What else could we want? It could help us find new wines we had not before considered, and could we really enjoy every bottle of wine that is hand-picked by the company for us? In the spirit of investigational journalism, we set off on a hunt to discover.

What we tried to test

The wine bottles we received

In order to test the wine service offered by Plonk, we sip our way through the various bottles that were sent to us. We analyzed the flavor of each bottle and whether it was different from any other we’ve had before. We also considered whether it was something we would purchase again, which, according to us, is a great indicator of a wine that is delicious. We also listened closely to the tasting card to determine if they included enough information on each wine. Read on to discover what we considered.

Subscription to wine from Plonk

  • The number of bottles:Three or six
  • The subscription frequency isEvery one month, or twice a year
  • The types of wine that are inside boxes:White, red or mix

What is the procedure for work the Plonk wine subscription function?

In order to ensure that you purchase the wine you are able to enjoy, you need to complete the brief questionnaire to establish your preferences. In the beginning, you’ll be asked whether you prefer light more fresh, fresher wines or bottles that have more body and weight to them. Then, you’ll be asked a range of questions about your personal preferences, and if you’d like to receive all reds, all whites or a combination of both – we tried the latter.

For each bottle you receive in your box, get the tasting note that explains the reason why it was chosen for you, as well as specific information, the source tasting, and food pairing suggestions for the bottle.

The wines that were selected

Plonk’s USP is that it collaborates closely with family-run, small-batch wineries and wineries and selects the wines they send out to their customers. In our case, we received an sauvignon blanc from the Rhone Valley as well as the Rhone Valley, a sparkling from Sevre and Maine and the robust red.

When we first opened our sauvignon blanc, we were a bit unsure. When it comes to wines, it’s not usually our first choice, but we were shocked. It has the distinctive acidity you’d expect from smart b, which makes it extremely dry, yet it is fruity, which those who are true fans will appreciate. In a hot, sunny evening, it was a complete delight.

The second bottle in the bottle was the Domaine Duseigneur La Rouge goutte du Seigneur that is the blend of grenache and syrah 50/50. The process of maturation and fermentation takes place in tanks, which means there’s no oak in this; however, it has a powerful punch. With a tangy flavor due to the grenache. The syrah provides an element of structure. It’s perfect for pairing with tomato pasta, as well as red meats, which makes it a great wine to store up for the winter and autumn seasons. This wine is now ranked in our top ten top wines to drink.

And last but certainly not last, but certainly not least, is the Domaine Bonnet-Huteau nuit boréale NV. Its bubbly wine is made with the same techniques used in champagne and, like champagne it’s delicious. Similar to champagne, it’s yeasty, making an excellent drink to serve your friends. Since champagne keeps getting ever more costly and expensive, this bottle is an affordable alternative that remains as unique which is why we’re so happy to have found it.

With each wine comes a tasting guide that provides information on where each bottle came from, the grape, the way it tastes, and suggested food pairings. The only issue we have is that we’d like more information in regards to serving suggestions for those who prefer sauvignon blanc we were given salted almonds. However, more details would have been useful.


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