Red Wine vs White Wine: The Real Differences

The distinctions between white and red wines extend beyond the grapes used and color. Here are some fascinating details about the actual distinctions between white and red wines.

Red Wine vs White Wine

Produced with Different Grapes

In essence red wines are created from the red variety of grapes ( Pinot NoirCabernet Sauvignon, etc.).) White wines, on the other hand, are produced using White wines made from white grapes ( ChardonnayPinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and others). The thing that is interesting is that almost all the wines available in the market were created from a single species of grape known as Vitis vinifera. Ampelographers believe that the first Vitis vinifera grapes were black grapes (e.g. Red wine grapes) and the natural mutation that created the first white grapes.

For instance, Pinot Noir (a black grape), Pinot Gris (a pinkish-gray grape) and Pinot Blanc (a white grape) all have the same genetic DNA!

Made Using Different Parts of the Grape

When the grapes are harvested and then taken to the cellar to make wine the various methods are utilized to create red wine as opposed making white wines. One of the major distinctions can be seen in the way that red wines made by using the skins of the grape and seeds whereas white wines do not. This is because the color of red wine originates from the seeds and skins from the grapes.

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Shop Now There are a few specific instances in which this isn’t the case which results in diverse tasting wine. For instance, there’s an sort of Champagne known as “Blanc de Noirs” or “white of blacks,” that is produced in a manner similar in the same way as white wine production and can look like white wine. Another example is white Pinot Noir, or Pinot d’ Alsace.

In white wines, there is a unique technique where white wines are made using the seeds and skins from the grapes that are white. Wines produced using this method are known as Orange Wines and they are like red wines and contain tannin. This technique is very rare, and the wine is unlike the rest!

Created with different wine making Methods

Red wines are adored by their smooth, luscious and velvety flavor White wines are appreciated by their acidity that is zingy as well as floral aromas and fruity notes. To attain these outcomes winemakers employ two different approaches to winemaking. The most significant distinction between the red wines in comparison to the white-winemaking is the degree of oxidation process that leads to the wines losing their fruit and floral notes, resulting in the rich, nutty flavor and a more silky smoothness. In order to increase oxygen winemakers make use of oak barrels because they breathe, allowing wine to breathe oxygen. To minimize risk of exposure to oxygen in wine, the producers make use of tanks made of stainless steel, which assures that wine retains its sweetness and floral flavors.

Each Type Has Different Chemical Compounds

So, the main problem is:

“Which type of wine is better for you?”

In fact, all of the health benefits that come with wine are contained in the seeds and skins of the grapevine, red wines are the kind of wine considered to be “better” for you. However, not all red wines are equal!

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