Wine tasting: an expert guides

It is easy to taste but also very complex. It’s so simple that a child could do it. (I’m obviously not talking about wine) But the subject is vast, and its intricacies would fill several books.

How can you get the most from your wine glass? I spoke to some of the best wine tasters in the world to find out what they do to enjoy or assess a wine.

Wine tasting

Professional athletes are acutely aware of how their form affects them. Wine tasters, especially those who are on the buying or writing side of things, tend to believe in the myth that their palate is infallible. As we learn more about the olfactory system and our taste systems, this conversation is changing.

Ann-Sophie Barwich is a cognitive psychologist, empirical philosopher, and author of Smellosophy: What the Nose Told the Mind. (PS28.95 Harvard University Press 2020). The expert nose measures volatiles in wine. Their sensation is also an expression of the constitution. Mood, expectations, fatigue, etc., influence the quality of the wine.

What can we change about our inconsistencies, both physical and emotional? And how do they affect the taste experience? Start by being aware. Instead of ignoring variations, work to minimize them and take advantage of the times we are at our best.

Most wine tasters claim that they are at their best in the early morning. Jacques Polge told me that he had found the same thing and assigned ‘important smell tasks’ to the morning.

She said that Ukraine’s wine sector is working hard to increase its global reach and enhance its presence. This includes introducing Ukrainian terroirs to international audiences.

Ukrainian winemakers are preparing for an exciting future while navigating the conflict. Plans for 2024 are optimistic despite uncertainties.

Kostiantyn Tintulov shared his vision: “In 2024, our goal is to increase domestic and export sales, explore new markets and launch new wines. We also plan to contribute to the restoration of our country.”

Vladimir Palariev was equally optimistic in his interview with He said, “In 2024, we plan to introduce a line of unique wines featuring indigenous grape varietals.” We expect robust sales in the UK and EU.

The creativity and resilience of Ukrainian winemakers in these difficult times points to a brighter future for the country’s wine industry. Wines Of Ukraine will introduce 13 wineries to UK Trade at 67 Pall Mall, London on the 9th October. The company also plans to take part in Prowein & the London Wine Fair to build on their previous success.


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