Top 6 Wine Business Podcasts You Should Listen To

Do not miss the following podcasts if you work in the wine industry.

Podcasts make learning more fun and exciting. They can be listened to while doing other things. Podcasts are a primary source of information, and an increasing number of people have become accustomed to them over time.

Nearly 60% of podcast listeners are from the US. This number has steadily increased over the years. More than 100 million podcast listeners make it easier for people to enjoy something entertaining and learn about their area of interest. This podcast is a great way to pass the time for people who are driving home from work or traveling in a large group. It’s better to be informed than exhausted at the end. We have listed some of the most popular wine business podcasts to help you gain more knowledge about the industry.

XChateau Wine

XChateau provides insights, analyses, and perspectives on the latest news and trends in wine. It also discusses winemaking, marketing, and finance trends, as well as consumer trends. Robert Vernick, a wine blogger (@ Wineterroir), and Peter Yeung, a leading wine consultant and author (@ Winebizguy), are the hosts. They provide insights into the business of wines from a new perspective. XChateau gives you the feel of ex-chateau wine that is sold directly from a winery after it has been bottled and kept in its cellar.

Avina Wine Podcast

Avina Business Podcast As the name implies, it provides insights into the wine industry and offers a wealth of information about industry trends. It also covers wine-related issues in general. This podcast is for anyone working in the wine business, including winemakers, authors, and marketers. It also includes sales managers, CEOs, millennials, and hospitality experience organizers. This podcast is for anyone in the wine industry who wants to gain a general understanding of the business.

Paul K. Wine Talks

Wine Talks With Paul K., a podcast hosted by Paul Kaemkiarian and the owner of the Original Wine of the Month club, is for industry leaders and wine enthusiasts. Paul is an expert on wines and has written many articles about them. His show gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the wine business. Paul talks with incredible people from the wine industry about their stories, experiences, and wine history. This podcast is a great resource for young wine business professionals and can be listened to as a source of motivation and inspiration.

Crystal Uncorked

Crystal Vikaitis hosted Crystal Uncorked. An entrepreneur, Crystal Vikaitis, started the podcast to have open and honest discussions about her journey as well as to speak to other entrepreneurs and share their experiences. Crystal invites guests to share their experiences and have a real conversation about their businesses. Crystal is the founder and CEO of Crystal Media. Crystal Media offers online training as well as in-person workshops to help marketers find clarity. This podcast was created for entrepreneurs who are in the alcohol business to learn more about the market and the industry.

The Alexi Cashen podcast

Alexi Cashen’s Podcast features Alexi Cashen as the host. Alexi Cashen is also the founder and CFO of St Hildie’s Spiked Seltzers and co-founder at Elenteny Imports. Alexi Cashen interviews modern, entrepreneurial, and innovative people from the wine, spirits, and beverage industry about their businesses and the latest trends. The wine industry inspires Alexi and has been moved by it. She not only discusses trends but also provides insights into the changing beverage industries in her show. She is also a member of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization and coaches entrepreneurs.

The Vint Podcast

The Vint Podcast provides a transparent platform for wine investments that is accessible to all in the industry. Billy and Brady talk about the wine market, industry news, and current collections. The podcast is a reflection of its values, transparency, and education. It offers wine industry professionals a deeper insight into company collections as well as relevant wine and investment news. The podcast discusses industry trends and offers expert analysis through exclusive interviews with industry members.


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