The Best Wines to Drink at Easter

At first glance, it may not be a good season to enjoy Wine. However, take a step back and consider it.

Easter is a holiday that is celebrated by the public within the U.K. This means most people are at home and not working.

What’s a better time to spend with family and friends? An opportunity to sip wines and share the joy of the people that we love.

To help you think about this, we’re going to look at the top wines to enjoy at Easter time, especially if you’re planning to invite your family and friends to a dinner party.

Perhaps you’re planning to relax at the house, cuddling up and taking a break from work.

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Whatever you decide to take part in during Easter Day, there is an appropriate wine that is for certain. Of course, Easter is the time when we enjoy eating Easter Eggs. Those rich, chocolate eggs.

There are some fantastic wines to sip while you munch through the contents of your Easter Egg collection.

We’ll think of some wine-pairing ideas to go with chocolate.

Wines to Drink at Family Lunch on Easter Day

If you’re planning an Easter dinner for your friends or family members, you’ll need to consider the Wine you intend to serve.

Do the guests who you invite enjoy wines? If not, you’ll have to locate some wines that aren’t too difficult to find.

Wines that can improve the taste of food but remain drinkable. This is our list of Wine that is completely drinkable for Easter lunch.

Rheingau Riesling Kabinett halbtrocken

It is from the Weingut Robert Weil; this is an exceptional Riesling. It’s one of the wines that anyone can take pleasure in.

It’s a little sweet but definitely not dry. It has an ethereal, citrusy bouquet.

It is an extremely satisfying and refreshing drink.

For a white wine to serve to those who don’t know if you like Wine, it is a great selection.

Rheingau Riesling Kabinett halbtrocken – Weingut Robert Weil

  • €25.20 Find a merchant

Beefsteak Club Malbec 2014 Mendoza

This comes from Majestic Wine. It is a beautiful red wine with an extremely light flavor for Dry red.

This is the reason we picked this Wine for our red wine choice to serve Easter lunch. It is very fruity in flavor and isn’t as difficult as other dry red wines are.

It is ideal for people who aren’t usually fans of red Wine.

It can clear the palate; however, it lacks any of the challenges that traditional reds have.

Baron Herzog White Zinfandel Rose

This is the rose we have selected for our Easter lunch. Originating directly from Waitrose’s Cellar, This is a straightforward, simple wine.

Rose wine has been very well-known recently due to the fact that it’s so adaptable. It can be used with white and red meats.

It could also be used as an alcoholic dessert wine in certain instances. It is, therefore, the perfect Wine to go with in case you’re unsure what your guests like.

Fresh, light, and fruity. It is still enjoyable to drink and an excellent drink to accompany a wide variety of food items.

Baron Herzog White Zinfandel Rose

  • EUR12.65 Find a merchant

Wine, according to kind

  • Beer
  • Champagne
  • Cocktails
  • Liquor
  • The Most Excellent Port Wine from Portugal
  • Red Wine
  • Rose Wine
  • Sparkling Wine
  • White Wine

Enjoying the Easter Afternoon with a glass of Wine

Are you at home watching television or reading a novel, and you’d like to drink a glass of great Wine?

Wine tasting on its own is the only time when you can truly experiment. There’s no need to worry about whether the rest of the world will enjoy our wine selection.

Here are a few wines that can challenge your palate and could provide you with the most unique wine-tasting experience.

First Press Chardonnay Napa Valley

It’s directly from Waitrose Cellar; this is an American Chardonnay with a difference.

It has all the typical Chardonnay characteristics. However, it has a touch slightly more. It is a very citrusy bouquet with a surprising flavor of coconut.

This is the reason this Chardonnay is unique. This makes it perfect for experimentation.

The taste is balanced, and it has an extremely long finish. It’s the perfect Wine to sip on a spring afternoon.

First Press Chardonnay, Napa Valley

  • EUR21.48 Find a retailer

Concha y Toro Marques de Casa Concha Merlot 2010

We are offering Merlot from Chile and available from TheDrinkShop. In recent times, Chile has gained a reputation for being one of the most exciting emerging wine regions around the globe.

However, when it comes to classic wines such as Merlot, what does Chile compare? This Merlot is a great one. But it’s a little different.

It’s not as refined as the traditional Merlot. However, it brings an extremely berry-rich bouquet to your dining table.

It’s a wonderful wine to try out. Its fruity flavor makes it pleasant to drink, and it isn’t too dry.

Concha y Toro – Marques de Casa Concha Merlot 2010 75cl Bottle

  • EUR14.35 Find a retailer

Taylor’s Chip Dry White Port

Here is a Portuguese Port of the Waitrose Cellar.

There is no list of wines to drink in the afternoon without a wine fortified like Port.

This one is distinct. It’s a dark, deep color and extremely dry.

We recommend that you chill it in the refrigerator and serve it with Ice.

What’s the best way to do an Easter wine-making experiment? Afternoon?

Taylor’s Chip Dry White Port

  • EUR16.81 Find a retailer

Wines for Easter Dinner

It’s late in the evening; it’s time to gather with your family members for Easter dinner. Therefore, we must create a unique wine list to match the meals we’ll be serving.

To make life easier to make things easier, here’s a great selection of top wines which can be enjoyed with a variety of food items.

Bourgogne Chardonnay, Les Murelles

If you’re serving chicken, fish, or any other kind of white meat at Easter Dinner, then you will not be disappointed by Chardonnay.

This Wine comes from Domaine de Brully and is a great one. It is produced in France and features the classic, basic Chardonnay bouquet and a semi-dry flavor that is perfect for pairing with food but isn’t too difficult to drink.

It is a truly elegant wine to drink with white meats or fish at Easter dinner.

Bourgogne Chardonnay, Les Murelles – Domaine de Brully

  • €14.50 Find a retailer

Waitrose Barolo

The Wine comes from the Waitrose Cellar; this is an uncomplicated, simple red wine. It is, however, an absolute Barolo to the fullest extent.

It’s certainly at the lower end of the range, but it’s got all that Barolo style. We picked this as a red wine option for our Easter dinner to pair with meaty dishes.

It’s an excellent wine to expose people to the pleasures of drinking Barolo. It could also be a pleasant surprise to many. There is nothing that works as well with red meat as the best Barolo.

Waitrose Barolo

  • EUR16.43 Find a retailer

Carmel Palwin No.10 Menorah Red Dessert Wine

This is a fantastic small dessert wine that comes from the Waitrose Cellar. It is a very light red color that is quite different from a dessert wine.

But still delicious enough to be served with the most delicious desserts.

It’s also easy to drink and not too sweet or sour, which is perfect for those who don’t like sweet Wine.

It is the perfect way to conclude your Easter meal with family and friends.

Carmel Palwin No.10 Menorah Red Dessert Wine

  • EUR8.98 Find a retailer

wines to drink When eating Easter Eggs

All that chocolate, in an attractive wrapper, waiting to be enjoyed. We consume more chocolate in Easter Eggs this time of year than any other time.

Have you thought about the fact that some excellent wines taste fantastic with all the chocolate?

We will offer an assortment of wines that will surprise you. They’ll go well in conjunction with Easter Eggs.

Brown Brothers Special Late Harvested Orange Muscat & Flora

As the name implies, this fascinating white Wine comes from the Waitrose Cellar and is a wine with intense connotations of orange, in the bouquet as well as the flavor.

We think this is an excellent pairing with chocolate, as well as all the Easter Eggs you’d like to eat.

The aroma of orange and the aftertaste will help uniquely improve the taste of chocolate.

Give it a go, and you may be pleasantly surprised by how well this combo is effective.

Brown Brothers Special Late Harvested Orange Muscat & Flora

  • EUR8.84 Find a merchant

Rubis Chocolate Wine

From TheDrinkShop, This pairing makes sense. You already eat a lot of chocolate as a result of Easter Eggs, So why not sip something with a hint of chocolate?

If you’ve never had the chance to try these wines with flavor before, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Yes, they do taste different from normal Wine, but they maintain the body and characteristics of a normal wine.

Rubis – Chocolate Wine 50cl Bottle

  • EUR12.84 Find a retailer

Riesling Beerenauslese Kiedrich Grafenberg

It is the Weingut Robert Weil, which is an excellent German dessert wine. The reason why we believe this Wine is a perfect choice for Easter dinners with Eggs is twofold.

In the first place, you are only able to eat Easter eggs once every year. Therefore, if you plan to indulge in them with a bottle of dessert wine, then why don’t you choose to get a costly one?

The second reason is that this pairing is a perfect match. German dessert wine is regarded as being the most tolerant dessert wine.

The richness of the flavor allows it to blend well with kinds of desserts, including pure chocolate. So, dig in and indulge in this exquisite German dessert wine.

Riesling, Beerenauslese, Kiedrich Gräfenberg, – Weingut Robert Weil

  • €159.90 Find a merchant

Easter Wines Conclusion

We have it. We’ve proven that Easter can be a perfect time to drink Wine.

If you’re spending the day with your guests or family members this year, there’s no excuse not to enjoy excellent wines during this popular day within the U.K.


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