Spring Time In The Yarra Valley!

What could this mean? The thermometers seem to be creeping up by 15c every day, and people are walking with a bit more bounce.

First of all, the winter is over, and second, spring has finally arrived! We want to congratulate you on behalf of the Australian Wine Tour Company! We want to give you a few tips and highlight some of the most magical things that you can do this spring in the Yarra Valley!


Hot Air Ballooning

Want to experience the Yarra Valley spectacularly? Then, join Victoria’s top hot air balloon company. You can’t go past our lovely partners, Global Ballooning Australia –

The beautiful, serene, and world-famous Yarra-Valley is only 50 minutes from Melbourne’s bustling CBD! The Yarra Valley, a region steeped in history and soil, is home to some of the world’s most celebrated wine varietals.

The views from 3000 feet are breathtaking. You will feel a sense of timelessness, adventure, and comfort knowing you are in experienced, safe hands.

Global Ballooning Australia is a Victorian family-owned business. We are proud of our safety record, service, and market leadership.

Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, is a great place to explore the city by using the hot air balloon.

Global Ballooning Australia Passengers receive a complimentary gift pack that includes special offers and discounts on various attractions in Victoria.

The cool morning breeze will take you on a hot-air balloon ride along elegant corridors of grape vines and above the Yarra River. The changing seasons bring with them a change in the scenery, including the mountain ranges and the leaves that fall from the valley trees and orchards.



Visit Steel’s Gate Wines

Steels Gate Cellar Door and Restaurant is situated in a beautiful hillside setting, just 60km away from Melbourne. It is comprised of 2 handcrafted boutique wineries within the Yarra Valley.

Steels Gate Home block Vineyard was planted on an undulating hillside on friable gray loam soils in the late 70’s. The vineyard is completely unirrigated, and the grapes are hand-tended. National Park surrounds it. The vines and grapes are hand-picked by the owner at the right time.

Matt and Brad, from Steel’s Gate, have been managing the viticulture of their Home Block Vineyard for nine years. They specialize in Pinot Noir varieties such as Chardonnay, Blanc de Blancs, Pinot/Chardonnay sparkling, Pinot Noir Roses, Cabernet Sauvignons, Shirazs, Semillons, etc. Matt and Brad also manage the vineyard’s viticulture.


We think this winery is one of the hidden gems in the beautiful Yarra Valley.



Yarra Valley Dairy

Hubertswood is the crown jewel in the Yarra Valley’s cheesemaking family. Yarra Valley Dairy has a history of more than a hundred years in the dairy industry. They specialize in high-quality dairy and butter products using the best milk available.


Persian feta cheese is made with Australian cheese. White mold goats’ cheeses. Bullseye cows’ milk hard cheese. Yarra Valley Dairy has created a product people love that tastes great. They are changing the landscape of Australian cheesemaking.


The farm is open to visitors, who can also experience the magical Yarra Valley by tasting some of its delicious and sublime products.



You can see that there are many things to do right on your doorstep in the world-famous Yarra Valley. Check out our suggestions for some of the most exciting springtime activities in the world.

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