Pouring Over the Best Wine Blogs & And Influencers To Follow: A Comprehensive Guide

Wine blogs can be compared to bottles of wine. Some are excellent; others are exceptional.

A great wine blog will take you through the world and culture of wine, just as a good bottle of wine can.

This article will examine some of the top wine blogs available online. These blogs are the crème de la creme in wine blogging

Wine Folly

Wine Folly is a website dedicated to wine education and appreciation.

Madeline Puckette founded the website in 2011, and it has grown into a popular resource among wine lovers worldwide.

Wine Folly is a website that offers various articles and resources on topics like wine regions, grape types, wine styles, and wine pairing.

The site also provides various educational resources, including posters, books, wine maps, and more.

Wine Folly’s visual approach to wine education is one of its key features.

Site articles and resources include colorful infographics and charts that help make wine concepts more understandable.

Tim Gaiser

Tim Gaiser, a wine expert, and educator based in San Francisco (California), is also regarded as a consultant.

He is a Master Sommelier and wine industry veteran. He is also a popular public speaker and teacher.

The website of Tim Gaiser is focused primarily on his wine consulting and education services.

He offers an array of educational resources, including online courses, webinars, and in-person seminars to help businesses and individuals improve their wine skills and knowledge.

Tim Gaiser offers consulting services in addition to his educational programs to clients from the wine industry. These include wineries, retailers, and restaurants.

His consulting services include topics such as wine list development and staff training. He also offers advice on wine selection and buying.

Tim Gaiser has a blog on his website, where he offers his opinions and insights about wine-related subjects, such as tasting notes, reviews, and industry news.

The site also includes information on Tim Gaiser’s experience, background, and details of his upcoming appearances and events.


Vinography, a blog about wine, was created in 2004 by Alder Yarrow, a journalist and wine writer based in San Francisco.

The blog is dedicated exclusively to exploring and celebrating the world of wines. It features articles, reviews, and insights about all things wine.

Vinography is a website that features a wide range of content. This includes wine reviews, interviews with industry professionals and winemakers, travelogues, and articles on wine-related topics, such as sustainability and terroir.

Vinography’s focus on small-batch and artisanal wineries and its commitment to showcasing unique and distinctive wines around the globe are its key features.

This blog will also provide regular updates on wine industry trends and news and coverage of wine tastings and events.

My Van City

Valerie van derGracht created the website. Her main goal was to make wine more accessible for those with little knowledge of wine, despite our passion and enjoyment.

Valerie aims to make selecting and pairing wines easier and less intimidating. Offers suggestions for wine lovers looking for wines in all price ranges, including more affordable alternatives.

The MyVanCity.ca site features wine, wine pairings, and recipes for dishes that complement the wine—the full range of old and new world wines, including wines from British Columbia.

Write for Wine

If you enjoy reading about wineries and incredible stories of wine, Write for Wine may be for you.

Margot and Dave launched Write for Wine in 2007, one of Washington’s first wine blogs. The blog was initially created to introduce people to the wines of Washington State, the second-largest wine region in America. Over the years, it has expanded to include other wine regions around the country and the world.

As a national reporter in Canada and the U.S. decades ago, Margot began writing about wine. She and Dave consider themselves wine enthusiasts, not critics. It’s not about scores or reviews regarding writing for wine.

The blog aims to share stories about wines Margot likes and Dave enjoys. Readers then try these wines and return for further suggestions if they have similar palates.

Margot or Dave will not promote a wine they don’t enjoy. They say: “There is too much great wine in the universe to waste time writing about wines we don’t enjoy.”


Wine Dude was created in 2007 by Joe Roberts. He is a wine blogger, writer, and consultant from Pennsylvania, USA.

This blog is a mixture of wine reviews and interviews, news from the industry, and personal reflections about all things wine.

Joe Roberts’ irreverent and conversational writing style is one of the most distinctive features of 1 Wine Dude. It makes wine more accessible and engaging to a broad range of readers. The blog features multimedia content such as videos and podcasts that help readers to understand wine.

In addition to blogging, Joe Roberts is a wine consultant and a public speaker, and he hosts regular tastings and wine events for wine enthusiasts around the globe.

Wine Investment

Wine Investment provides information and services about investing in fine wines. The site was launched in 2003 in London.

Wine Investment is a website offering a wide range of tools and resources for investors interested in the fine-wine market.

There are also tools for tracking prices, market analysis, and investment advice. You can also find information about the different types of wine that people commonly invest in.

Wine Investment has access to an international network of fine wine merchants and professionals in the industry.

The site can provide the most up-to-date information about wine prices, trends, and insider knowledge of the fine wine industry.

Wine Investment offers a variety of educational resources, such as articles about wine regions, grape types, and wine-tasting techniques.

The site also offers a wine storage service for investors wishing to store their wines in a secure, temperature-controlled facility.

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