Pairing latkes with two stunning sparkling wines

When it was time to select the wine I would use for the latte I made to accompany my Hanukkah story for Rockland Magazine, I didn’t even think for one second. Sparkling wine was the way to go because what party would be complete without sparkling wine? It just happens that bubbly wine makes the ideal complement to those delicious yet slightly sweet latkes.

Menu for the elegant Hanukkah dinner features three seasonal latkes: classic potato latkes (with an innovative twist! ), butternut squash and leeks with pan-roasted cumin, and beet-scallion latkes flavored with cayenne crème fraiche.

In addition, they need sparklers!

Lieb Family Cellars, Blanc de Blancs 2007

Producer: Lieb Family Cellars

Region: Long Fork of Long Island, NY

Grape: 100% Pinot Blanc

Alc: 12.5%

Price: $35

2007 Blanc de Blancs is only produced in “exceptional years,” the website for the winery tells us. This isn’t the first vintage I’ve had the pleasure of tasting of Lieb Family Cellars, and I’m delighted to report that 2007 is just more impressive than ever.

Pale-yellow, with a green hue and its tiny, vibrant bubbles rising quickly towards the surface as soon as it’s poured and looks just like something special, just as it’ll be tasting… There are aromas, though not overwhelmingly strong, point to what’s coming as the nose is filled with apple, pear white flowers, and delicate yeasty aromas.

The palate is the primary thing that is noticed is the freshness, the livelyness in the wines. This Blanc de Blancs is said to dance around in the mouth. Once the flirtatious waltz fades, beautiful notes of lemon, green apple meringue, and a hint of herb (sage, maybe) emerge. I was totally enthralled.

In the end, however, no whatever delicious flavors What really makes the 2007 Blanc de Blancs stand out is its slick acidity as well as its structure and complexity.

This all goes well with the flavor of the latkes while making sure they are not too rich.

This gorgeous sparkling wine is perfect for any formal holiday celebration.

Graham Beck, Brut Rose NV

Producer: Graham Beck Wines

Region: Robertson and Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

Grape: 55% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Noir

Alc: 11.7%

Price: $15

The beautiful salmon-pink color of this sparkler, as well as it’s thick foam, which forms within the glass immediately after it’s served, definitely exclaim “Holiday Party”!

The wine’s aromas are subtle, but the scent of strawberries and summer red fruits make the nose tingle. When you first take a sip, the teasing stops, and the mouth is filled with delicious yeasty notes and the flavors of cranberry, cherry, and red apple.

The mouthfeel of Brut Rose is smooth and delicious, and its acidity is the main reason for its success. Without it, the wine could be a little over-sweet for my tastes.

Its Brut Rose is a particularly great match with the beetscallion latkes, with the red fruit notes marry beautifully along with the taste of beets.

In the end overall, the Graham Beck Brut Rose is a sparkling wine that is extremely drinkable as well as, at a reasonable cost, it’s a great for a party wine.


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