Navigating the Passage of Time: An Ageing Guide for Recent Italian Releases


Italy has long been celebrated for its rich cultural heritage, and its film industry is no exception. Recent Italian releases have explored the various facets of life, including the profound and inevitable journey of aging. As we accompany characters over time, these films provide insightful reflections on the challenges, joys, and complexities of growing older. In this aging guide, we’ll explore some noteworthy recent Italian releases that delve into the human experience of aging.

  1. “The Life Ahead” (La vita davanti a sé) (2020): Directed by Edoardo Ponti and starring the legendary Sophia Loren, “The Life Ahead” is a poignant exploration of the bond between an elderly Holocaust survivor and a young immigrant boy. The film delves into themes of loss, resilience, and the power of intergenerational connections. As we witness the characters navigate the later stages of life, the film beautifully captures the essence of aging with grace and dignity.
  2. “The Truffle Hunters” (2020): Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw’s documentary, “The Truffle Hunters,” provides a unique perspective on aging in the Italian countryside. The film follows a group of elderly truffle hunters and their faithful canine companions as they embark on a quest for the elusive Alba truffle. Through the eyes of these seasoned truffle hunters, audiences gain insight into the symbiotic relationship between man, nature, and time, offering a contemplative meditation on the passage of years.
  3. “My Mother” (Mia Madre) (2015): Directed by Nanni Moretti, “My Mother” explores the complexities of family relationships and the impact of aging on both parents and children. The film tells the story of a filmmaker, played by Margherita Buy, who juggles the demands of her career while caring for her ailing mother, portrayed by the remarkable Giulia Lazzarini. “My Mother” provides a touching portrayal of the challenges and emotional nuances associated with witnessing a loved one grow old.
  4. “An Almost Ordinary Summer” (Croce e delizia) (2019): Directed by Simone Godano, this comedic drama unfolds when two families are forced to spend their summer vacation together after their parents announce their engagement. The film humorously navigates the generational gap, contrasting the perspectives of the younger and older characters. “An Almost Ordinary Summer” sheds light on the inevitable clash of traditions and values as family dynamics shift over time.
  5. “You Came Back” (Sei Tornato) (2018): Adapted from the bestselling novel by Michele Serra, “You Came Back” is a thought-provoking film directed by Luca Miniero. The story revolves around the return of Benito Mussolini to modern-day Italy, and the satirical narrative explores how society has aged since the dictator’s era. Through this darkly comedic lens, the film addresses societal changes, moral values, and the impact of historical events on the collective memory of a nation.


Italian cinema continues to captivate audiences with its profound storytelling and exploration of the human condition. The recent releases mentioned in this aging guide provide a mosaic of perspectives on growing older, portraying the challenges, joys, and reflections that come with time. Whether through heartwarming dramas, insightful documentaries, or thought-provoking comedies, these films offer a glimpse into the universal experience of aging, reminding us of the shared humanity that connects us all. So, as you embark on a cinematic journey through these recent Italian releases, be prepared to witness the beauty and complexity of life’s later chapters.

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