How to Choose Wine| 10+ Tips for Getting a Wine You’ll Love

I love to shop for wine (don’t make fun of me, it’s just a hobby). I enjoy browsing the aisles at my local wine store in search of the perfect bottle for dinner. Finding a wine I have never tried or seen before is even better. It’s my hobby, and I am good at it as a wine enthusiast. It is easy to choose a bottle. After a survey, I found that selecting the right bottle of wine was the most challenging thing about being a wine lover. Do not worry! It is optional to be a wine expert to choose a good wine. I worked in the wine industry for many years and am well-versed in how to assist. Here are some tips on selecting wine and finding the perfect wine. You’ll at least know what never to buy again.

How to ask for assistance at a wine store.

Visit a wine shop in your area and make new friends. Do not be afraid! Ask for help! Ask for help! You’ll be asked these questions to help you select the right wine.

Does this wine belong to you, or is it a gift for someone else.

It may seem like a strange question, but there is a method behind the madness. The wine recommendation for a gift will vary depending on the recipient. If it’s a gift for your boss, you will want to choose a well-known wine so they are impressed with your choice. You wouldn’t buy the exact wine to give your nephew, who is in college. You may want to buy something weird and obscure for your wine-loving friend.

Do you drink this wine with food or not.

The wine shop employee can assist you in finding a wine that will go well with your food. I used to say Old World with food and New World without. Old World wines come from Europe and the Middle East, where it is culturally unacceptable to drink wine without food. These wines are usually higher in acidity and are meant to be consumed with food. The book, A Sommelier’s Secrets to Food and Wine Pairing provides a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect food match. However, you can find the basics here.

You can find wines from New Zealand, Australia, New Zealand, and the US in the New World section. These wines are suitable for food consumption, but they also tend to have a fruitier taste and can be enjoyed on their own.

What is your favorite drink.

You can tell me a lot about your taste by telling me that you like bold, spicy reds. The wine shop clerk can tell the same thing. He won’t recommend Pinot Noir but might suggest a Spanish Monastrell.

What is your budget.

It is not difficult to understand. Budgets should be clearly stated. Tell the wine shop clerk you will spend less than $15. You can only expect the clerk to serve 1st-growth Bordeaux. Later, more on budget.

How to select the best wine.

You can ask these questions to help you choose the perfect wine. Ask someone else if the person you first talk to is a wine snob. Do you feel adventurous? Ask them a question. Which wine is your current passion Wine shop geeks are always eager to show you the newest and best wine they have in stock.

Purchase a few of the bottles recommended by your friend. Take notes as you taste the wine, and snap a photo of the bottle. What do you like about it? Next time you visit that shop, look for the same person to tell them your thoughts. This information will help them to understand what you enjoy and give better recommendations.

BONUS TIPS: Find out if there are any wine tastings in the store. The small boutique wine shop in Chicago held a wine tasting every Friday night. It was more like a neighborhood block party with wine tasting. But it was an excellent way to try different wines each week.

How to select wine in a supermarket.

Sometimes, someone is in the supermarket’s wine section to help you, but for the most part, you’re left alone with a wall of bottles. You can still choose the right wine if there’s no one to assist you.

My readers tend to shop by grape varieties. This cheat sheet will help you select wine based on style and food. You can also try wines from the same category you are comfortable with. Someone asked me: “I’m eating fettucine alfredo. What is the best wine to pair with it?” Now you need to determine your budget.

Understanding wine prices.

Our budget for wine is the most significant factor in determining what wine we choose. Wouldn’t shopping for wine be easy if money wasn’t an issue? I will tell you the Truth as honestly as possible. It may not be what you want to hear, but it is the Truth. Cheap wines are cheap for a good reason. As a former employee of the third largest wine company in America, you should avoid it as much as you can. Everything under $8 is mass-produced and chemically infested. It’s also exploitative to the environment and the labor force. As Lizzo says, Truth Hurts. If this is all you can afford, I understand, I’ve done it, and that’s fine.

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