Asset Bubbles? Champagne Outfizzes Big Tech And Bitcoin In 2021

If you invested in vintage Champagne this year, you should pop the cork. The most sought-after bottles have outperformed other major financial assets, from Bitcoin to Big Tech.

This year, online platforms that let you trade desired wine, Champagne, and spirit vintages like currencies or stocks have seen record-breaking activity.

LiveTrade’s “Bordeaux Index,” which tracks the price of beverages, revealed that Champagne was responsible for 15 out of 20 of the biggest price increases on its platform in 2021.

Salon le Mesnil 2002 is a vintage described by the producer as “captivating,” like a sword of samurai. The value of the wine has risen by more than 80% on LiveTrade as well as another platform, LivEx, in 2021. It currently sells at around 11,700 pounds per bottle.

This is more than five times the 18% gain made by the NYFANG+TM stock index, which includes Facebook,, Netflix, and Google. Tesla, and Microsoft. These stocks have been driving the world equity markets in recent months.

Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2006, Krug 2002 and 1996, Bollinger La Grande Annee 2007, Cristal Rose 2008, and Dom Perignon 2002 P2 also saw price increases of over 70%.

LiveTrade CEO Matthew O’Connell stated that several factors have fuelled the boom in fine wine trading this year. “From low interest rates and the high levels of saving accumulated by wealthy people during many global lockdowns to a growing emphasis on hard assets due to rising inflationary pressures.”

Early in the year, Champagne was exempted from the 25% U.S. Tariffs placed on European wines by Donald Trump’s U.S. Administration, which were then suspended soon after Joe Biden became president.

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