How do I keep my wine cool at a picnic?

Summer is coming up, so it’s the perfect time to enjoy al fresco eating, beer gardens, and picnics ( weather permitting, of course).

A glass of wine in the open air doesn’t require a change to the rules of serving temperature, but.

Here’s how you can ensure that you keep your wines cool when out and out and about.

Q. How can I keep my wine cool during the picnic?

A. With warm and sunny weather forecast for the UK, It’s the perfect time to begin thinking about the essential issues. Which park will we go to, and what will the drinks we’ll be drinking there? It’s picnic time, so we’ll need our picnic baskets as well as our very favorite Sarnies, and of course sparkling or chilled vino!

We all know, however, that the most rewarding things in life don’t happen by chance, and we have the ability to shine a spotlight on the most traumatic paradox of wanting our chilled wine to remain as cool and cool in the scorching and scorching summer heat.

There are obvious solutions for storing a cooler bag or an ice bag… it’s easy to already know the procedure. But what do you do if you don’t want to be snagging around on the beach with a bag that is basically luggage? You’d prefer one bottle (or perhaps two) of your favorite wine put in your bag and carried over your shoulder. Do you want to suggest two great tricks?

Place all your wine bottles in the refrigerator until the moment you leave your home. You can take a bottle water with them. Make sure to bring a couple of napkins. When you arrive at the parks, soak the napkins in cold water, then wrap them around the wine. Instant cooler.

The second idea might be viewed as sacrilegious, yet it’s extremely successful. Pour your chilled wine into the thermos, and it will stay cool for a while and could even have its own cup.

There are some delicious wines that are great for summer and do not require being chilled at all. Gamay which is which is a light red, originating made from Beaujolais in France is a fantastic example of a wonderful summer wine that’s perfect at the temperature is room temperature. A bottle of this with some delicious cheese and some ripe grapes? This is a picnic.

If all else fails, then there’s the most effective wine trick you can ever learn drinking quick!

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