Why Ordering Wine By The Bottle At Restaurants Is Better

Is it appropriate to advise a drinker to take an alcoholic drink? In the words of a lady who went to British parenting website Mumsnet to voice her displeasure with her bartender, it’s never. Newsweek mentions that the woman was drinking a few glasses of wine, and a “judgmental” server told her to purchase a bottle of wine, telling her, “Do you know just how much wine you drink?” The users naturally are divided, with some arguing with the initial poster, who thought this was not nice, while others say that it appears like the server was trying to help. The tone that could be implied by the post aside, we’re with the server in this case. Wine in bottles is nearly always superior to drinking by glass.

Benefits of ordering wine through the bottle

The wine menu for bottles can be daunting. The idea of paying in the double digits of something you typically buy at the supermarket for $7 can cause your mind to spin. If you’re already dining in a restaurant or bar and you’re spending more than $7 for a glass, why not spend the entire amount? If the table in your group drinks more than 3 or 4 glasses of wine, you’ll be able to save money. While there’s the possibility of a markup for bottles in restaurants, it’s different from the same bottles that you’re paying $7 for. You’ll notice the distinction in the quality.

The whole bottle sitting placed on the table can help to control the amount you pour. Sometimes, you need more than the pour at a restaurant for you if you’re used to drinking a large amount at home. Alternatively, in case you’re not a fast drinker and would like to keep your wine chilled, you could take a small amount of wine out of the bottle each interval. With the entire bottle available, all the guests around the table can enjoy the exact amount of wine they’d like to drink in the glass.

Particularly if you’re eating in the company of a large group and want to order bottles, it’s an excellent way to sample various menu options that might not be readily available in the liquor and grocery stores (and they’re not sold at restaurants by the glass). If you need more clarification about the wine that others are raving about, take the wine before deciding on whether or not you want to buy a complete serving.

Be aware of how elegant you’ll look when you order the bottle. You can say things that say, “Ah yes, I’ll take a sip, this is delicious, for the whole table please,” and then smelling the cork is sure to make you appear as an expert sommelier. When others enter and see that ice cube sitting on the table with an entire bottle of rose, they’ll be thinking, “Who are they?” They are probably famous or some other thing or one of the more confident people I’ve encountered in my life. This by itself is worth its cost.

For Fine Dining Lovers. Manuel Choqque grew up in the mountains of the Andes region of Peru and was born to a potato farmer. He stayed with the family business and has developed 90 new varieties of potatoes since 2014. However, it’s oca, an octopus with over 900 Peruvian types, that Choqque makes his wines (via Fine Dining Lovers). It was the high sugar content that, if maintained properly, it can yield 11%-12 percent ABV wine — which prompted Choqque to transform to alcohol. According to Parade, the oca grape is sometimes called “the lost crop of the Incas.”

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