South Korea encouraged to Taste The Wonders from Australia

The Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group’s latest export market campaign encourages South Koreans to enjoy the finest Australian food and wine in their own homes.

Wine Australia joined forces with Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), Hort Innovation (HI), Seafood Industry Australia, and Dairy Australia to create a Team Australia strategy. The aim is to promote the benefits of Australia’s premium wines and fresh produce, as well as increase access to markets for Australian winemakers and farmers.

The partnership combines the strengths of five organizations, their expertise, and connections to engage with overseas markets. It also receives support from a $500k Agriculture Trade and Market Access Cooperation grant.

The South Korea campaign includes an online cooking contest aimed at 20-30-year-olds to demonstrate the many ways that quality Australian produce can be used in home-cooked meals.

The winners of the competition will be announced at a gala in Seoul in June, when some of South Korea’s most influential foodies and industry representatives will attend. Importers, distributors, and importers will also be present.

ABARES states that South Korea is Australia’s fifth largest market, behind China, Japan, and the US. It offers huge potential to Australia’s food and beverage producers with the growing demand from the 51 million South Korean residents for high-quality, fresh ingredients.

South Korea will be Australia’s 10th largest export destination in terms of value, with 4.7 million liters worth A$ 44.3 million.

The Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group has targeted this market as the second most promising export market after the highly successful market campaign in Thailand. Vietnam and Indonesia are scheduled to follow in 2023-24.

The Australian Food and Wine Trade collaboration was formed to promote high-quality Australian foods and beverages in key international markets. Dairy Australia is one of the members, and Hort Innovation is another. Meat & Livestock Australia (M&LA), Wine Australia, and Seafood Industry Australia are also funding partners.

Red wine in small amounts or moderate quantities can be beneficial to your health. There are some negative effects to be aware of, as discussed below.

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