There are many ways that cannabis smokers prefer to consume their favourite flowers. Because they love the act of smoking, some prefer blunts and joints. Some prefer to take a direct hit with a bong. There is no one right way to smoke. However, some prefer to take a straight hit with a bong to end a long, tiring day.

There are many glass bongs for sale available on the market. They range from glass and plastic to percolator bongs that filter out impurities. Although water pipes are fairly easy to use, they don’t come with a detailed manual. There are some tips and tricks to help you enjoy your bong. These tips can maximize every pull and ensure that the bong is at its best. It is as easy as the water level in the bowl or the amount of weed inside.

What is a bong?

A bong is a device that allows smokers to remove the cannabis they smoke, including tobacco and herbal blends. A water pipe has five parts:

  • Bowl
  • The carb
  • The tube
  • The downstem
  • The base

These parts work together to ensure that you get the best possible smoke. The bowl is the place where you put the cannabis. After the downstem takes the smoke, the bowl transports it into the base. There it’s filtered through the water and then cooled by the water. Once you remove the carb from the bowl, the smoke will flow through the tube to undergo another filtration process.

Although inexpensive bongs could be used to do the job, most of them come with the basics. You can find many options for bongs that have percolators, ice catchers and multiple chambers to make your bong hits smoother. The functionality of a marijuana bong is not affected by the additions and features.

How to hit a bong.

No matter how big or small the bong, the basics of how to smoke it are simple and should not be changed. It’s quicker than smoking a joint, or a blunt. You will need a lighter and a water pipe.

  • You must first fill the chamber with water. The most difficult part of hitting a bong is adding water to it. Each bong comes in different sizes and shapes. The basic rule to remember when filling a bong is to make sure that all the slits are covered. If there are no slits in the downstem, you will need to add enough water to cover 1/2 inch. Regular water changes are necessary. The best results are achieved with clean and fresh water.
  • The next step is to pack the bowl. The second step is to pack the bowl. It is best to not overpack the bowl as it can make it difficult to pull.
  • Next, light the bowl by inhaling through your mouthpiece. Slow and steady inhale will ensure that the bud burns evenly and prevents backsplash. Dirty bong water is the last thing you want in your mouth.
  • Take out the stem, and then rip the bong. After you have filled the chamber with smoke, take the stem out and inhale.

It’s that simple. You only need a solid bong, your favorite bud, to get started.

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