10 Low Acid White Wines to Try and Which to Avoid

Finding low-acid white wines is not always easy. The acidity of white wine is one of the most critical components. Winemakers strive to maintain the right level. It gives the wine structure and brightness. When pairing wines with food, acidity is also essential. If you suffer from acid reflux as I do, then acidic white wines can be your worst enemy. What are our options? What if we give up wine? No! To help you avoid wines that can cause heartburn, I have compiled a short list of white wines with low acid. You may not like tartness, or you might dislike it.

What is the pH level of wine? What are the PH levels of wine?

Yes, in a word. It depends on how you define acid. Does wine have a higher acidity than water? Definitely. Is wine more acidic than Coke? No. Let’s step back to see how we can measure the edge of the wine.

Acidity is calculated by chemists and winemakers using the pH scale. It is optional to explain in detail what this scale means. This scale ranges from zero to 12. Water is neutral when it reaches 7. Water is tepid at 7.

The pH scale shows that most wines are between 3Lemon juice is two, while coffee is 5. Wines are acidic. If you’re curious, white wine has more acidity than red, lovely wine. The most acidic white wine can be as low as 2.8 pH. There is not much of a difference in pH, but you can still taste the lower acidity when comparing a Gewurztraminer to Champagne.

How to detect acid in wine.

Do you get a wrinkle when drinking wine? You feel your mouth watering. You may feel a tingling sensation on your tongue. That’s wine acid.

Don’t be put off by this. Wine lovers can tell the acidity of a wine by its taste and color, but also sometimes even its smell. The edge of a wine is determined by how tart or sour it tastes. You’re likely dealing with high acids if you pucker. You’re in high acid if you can feel your mouth watering. The acidity in wine signals to your brain that it is there. Your brain then tells your salivary glands to produce more to neutralize the mouth.

It’s not the low-acid white wine you should be looking for, but the wine that does the opposite. Low-acid white wines will not make you pucker or make your mouth water. Low-acid white wines don’t give me heartburn either, which relieves me.

You may have a potentiometric pH meter lying around in your kitchen. You can check next to the knife drawer. You can calibrate the pH buffer solution if you have it. You can still measure acidity even if you don’t own it.

List of white wines with low acid

Here is the list of low-acid white wines you can start drinking today. These low-acid white wines will hopefully relieve my heartburn sufferers. Continue scrolling to find out which high-acid white wines you should avoid.


Our list of low-acid white wines includes one of the world’s most popular. Chardonnay is a medium-bodied wine with a crisp, clean taste. It is also lower in acidity, especially after malolactic ferment. The harsh malic acid has been converted into the softer lactic acid. Chardonnay from warmer regions such as California and Australia is best. For the lowest acidity Chardonnays, look for barrel-aged wines.


Gewurztraminer has a strong aroma and is challenging to spell. It tastes of pineapple, apricot, and lychee. Gewurztraminer has the lowest acidity of any white wine I have ever tasted. Alsatian Gewurztraminer can sometimes reach the medium range, but German Gewurz stays low.

Grenache Blanc

This white wine, known as white Grenache with low acidity, deserves more attention. Grenache Blanc is a white wine that’s often overlooked. It may not be as well-known as its red cousin Grenache, but it is still a great choice. I love Spanish Garnacha Blanca because it is a low-acid white wine with a ton of flavor.


Fiano a grape variety of high quality found in Campania in Italy. Honeyed notes and fruit flavors are just some of its many reasons for popularity. It is a straightforward wine to drink.


Marsanne is an excellent choice for a white wine with heft and low acidity. Marsanne is a perfect choice for special occasions because of its rich, nutty flavor. Marsanne wine is famous throughout the Rhone region in France.

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Roussanne is another full-bodied, low-acid white that will amaze you with its oily texture. It also has an apricot flavor. Prepare to be amazed when you pair it with roasted chicken or pork. The white wines of Northern Rhone are made from a blend of Marsanne and Roussanne.


Savvatiano, a Greek specialty, is a rich white wine with a strong aroma and taste. It is also one of the few low-acid white wines produced in the country. The flavors and aromas from summer fruits, vanilla, and mint blend harmoniously to create an outstanding wine.


Semillon grapes are one of the many white varieties of Bordeaux. The acidity will increase when blended with Sauvignon Blanch. Semillon, whether it comes from Australia or California, is one of the best low-acid white wines. Apple, papaya, and lemon aromas will elevate your meal while reducing the acid intake.

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