Winery Spotlight: Yering Farm Wines

Victoria is known as a state with high-quality wines. It’s not surprising that some of Australia’s best vintages come from Victoria. The locals are very knowledgeable about wine and have a perfect climate. Yering Farm Wines is one of the many wineries available. It’s a must-visit for any wine lover or connoisseur.

This is more than a winery. It’s an experience of a lifetime. This is the premium wine tour option for the state of Victoria. Unique and unforgettable. The Yering Wine Farm is the only winery in Australia that offers a tranquil experience. Enjoy the stunning scenery and some of Australia’s finest wines. This combination will leave you feeling inspired and re-energized.

Victoria became Australia’s wine hub when a slew of Swedish immigrants settled in rural Victoria. They were known for their winemaking skills and expertise. Victoria produced more than 50% of all the wine consumed by the country. Over the years, this foundation has grown stronger, making Victoria the hub of Australian wine. Yering Farm Wines is still standing in 2019, leading the way as one of Yarra’s most charming and premium wine institutions.

Our favorite memories are of Yering Farm tours. You can choose from a variety of packages that offer a wide range of unique experiences. Hot air balloon rides, affordable day tours, and intimate overnight packages are all available. The Yering wineries cater to all their guests, ensuring that they are delighted and relaxed.



Overnight visitors are welcome and accommodated in their luxurious, state-of-the-art farmhouse. You will be able to relax and enjoy the serenity of Yering farms. You will feel completely satisfied and relaxed. Escape with Yering Wine Farms and take some time to yourself.


Yering’s wine farms are world-class, and their production process demands excellence. YeringFarmss creates consistently superior wines by using only the best fruits and the most modern winemaking methods. The aged chardonnays and pinot noirs of Yering farms are excellent examples.


The Farmyard Series

The farmyard collection is designed for the hot Australian summer.

Rabbit Run Sauvignon Blanc 2018 is a young wine, but its alluring aromas of citrus make it enticing. It has notes of tropical fruit and fresh lime.

Duck Down Under Cabernet Rose 2018 is a fun, fruity wine. The color of this wine is a reflection of its rose water and cherry scent. The dry finish is infused with the sweetness of berries.

Estate Series

The Estate series is ideal if you want a wine that has a deeper color.

One of their best options is the 2017 Pinot Noir estate series. The nose is filled with earthy, sweet aromas. This combines on the palate to create a subtle sweetness and a hint of spice.

The 2014 Estate Series George Cabernet Sauvignon is a delicious option. The signature wine of the farm. The perfect example of Victorian wines. Elegant and delicious. Every sip will delight your palate with the aromas of tobacco, blackcurrant,s, and blueberries.


Cider range

Cider is a signature product of Yering Wine Farms. You will be fooled into thinking you are drinking apple juice. Each sip of this refreshing cider is enticing and refreshing. A crisp Yering farm apple cider is the perfect spring or summer beverage.

Yering wine farms are the perfect place to find a winery for your summer escape or a bottle of wine that will make a difference at your next dinner party. With their world-class wine and unique experiences, they set the standard for Victorian Wine Tours. Yering wine farms are a cut above their competitors because of their longevity. They have a wealth of experience that is unmatched anywhere in Australia. Their wine and cider are also elegant and delicious.

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