Wine tasting and food pairing evening at The Calcutta Club

Participants were treated to a sensory experience of delicious flavors at the Tasting of Wine Tasting & Food Pairing Evening in conjunction with T2 in The Calcutta Club on the evening of June 15.

Elegantly laid tables, with high-end china, glassware that was fitting and floral centerpieces that included chocolates and nuts created the perfect setting. While Indian classical music gently rolled throughout the space Sommeliers Pankaj Aiyar from Aspri Spirits and Aspri Spirits member Smarajit Mitra began the evening with a fascinating discussion about the wines to be served during the evening. The diverse selection of wines was carefully selected and represented various varieties, regions, and styles. The wines served in succession included Freixenet Cordon Negro D.O. Cava, Bush Ballad Chardonnay, Golden Sparrow Sangiovese, and Bush Ballad Shiraz. Each wine was presented with an informative description of its features and recommended food pairings. A team of highly skilled chefs designed a meticulously crafted menu perfectly paired with the wine of the evening. Each dish was carefully designed to perfectly match a specific wine by considering the flavors, textures, and regional food styles. The delicious menu featured Prawn Garlic Scallion as well as Paneer Tikka Shashlik (Veg), Chilean Bekti topped with Mango Sauce /Vegetable Pot Pie grilled Lamb and Red Wine and Eggplant Stuffed Eggplant (Veg), and barbecue Pork Chop with BBQ Chicken and Spicy Baked Penne (Veg).


With a carefully curated choice of wine, well-prepared dishes, and a knowledgeable guide, this event enhanced the pleasure of dining at a fine restaurant. It cultivated a greater appreciation of the subtleties of flavor combinations. Chocolates were presented in boxes given to guests to help bring the joy of the evening to their homes.

“As the glasses shook and our palates danced as we toasted towards this Wine & Food Pairing Evening and wished that the magic of this culinary adventure would continue to awaken our senses and leave lasting memories. We wished everyone a happy time making the right pairings and to the joy of sharing unforgettable moments with each other,” chairperson for wine and cigars Anusua Das remarked about the beautiful event. The evening ended with a vote of appreciation given by Mou Mukherjee.

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