Uncorking the Wine Lifestyle for All

Wine Enthusiast Catalog

It all began in 1979 after newlyweds Adam and Sybil Strum realized that the most effective glasses, accessories, and storage solutions to enjoy their growing appreciation for wine were available only to experts. The couple set up an attic shop to create Wine Enthusiast.

It was the first catalog that offered high-end wine accessories to consumers. It has since grown into an internationally renowned record and online business.

From furniture and wine storage to glassware accessories, gifts, and wine storage, We have everything for the casual drinker and expert collectors as well. We develop and design our wine and other products, as well as cellars, and we source exclusive designs from brands and artisans across the globe who are a part of our love for craftsmanship, quality, and creativity.

We are passionate about sharing all you know about wine. We believe that personal service is the most important thing. We are a U.S.-based team of Wine Storage Consultants with over 140 years of experience in helping our customers locate everything from the ideal storage space for wine to the perfect gift.

Uncorking the Wine Lifestyle for All

Wine Enthusiast Media

In 1988, it was founded as an organic extension of commerce; Wine Enthusiast Media has transformed from a print monthly magazine to an acclaimed multi-faceted media brand that offers an unrivaled perspective on the world of wines and the world beyond.

Our international network of writers, editors, and tasters delves into the modern wine and spirits industry and the culture of today to produce modern-day digital and print media that inspires, entertains, educates, and informs spirits, beer, and wine drinkers from all levels, and industry professionals.

From wine reviews as well as recipes, food, and travel to commentary profiling trends, we provide amazing insight into the world of wine with our glossy monthly print magazines, a rich website, and a well-loved podcast series. We also create an online guide to buying wine with over 25,000 unique tasting notes each year. We also have an impressive virtual and live series of events.

Over the past two decades, Wine Enthusiast has honored people and businesses that have been instrumental in the development of the spirits and wine industry by presenting the annual Wine Star Awards. We are devoted to being stewards of the ever-changing, rich wine industry, and we continue to honor and recognize the trailblazers who have a profound impact on the wines you pour into your glass each day.


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