The Peruvian Wine Made From Sugary Potatoes

It’s hard to imagine something more relaxing than an ice-cold glass of wine in a gorgeous setting. The idea of sitting back and drinking a hefty red can instantly conjure thoughts of the typical French bistro. It’s not fair to limit wine consumption to the urban world. You can actually drink the wine of your choice hundreds of feet higher than ocean level (via Fine Dining Lovers).

The wine industry has existed for quite a long time. In the words of National Geographic, it was the Georgians who lived around 6000 B.C. who discovered that the grape juice, left to ferment underground in the winter, would turn into the alcoholic beverage that we are familiar with in the present.

While wine is usually made from grapes, Winemaker Magazine explains that there are a myriad of other ingredients that ferment can be used to make the wine you drink. You can use honey known as mead. It’s also possible to ferment a variety of fruit, as is the case with this wine made from cranberries. You could even make wine using dandelions, as suggested by Hidden Legend Winery.

But perhaps the most surprising wine base is a unique potato that is native to Peru. VinePair mentions that high within the Andean mountains, the man named Manuel Choqque is transforming tubers into wine.

Manuel Choqque’s Peruvian potato wine

For Fine Dining Lovers. Manuel Choqque grew up in the mountains of the Andes region of Peru and was born to farmers who cultivate potatoes. He stayed loyal to his family’s business, and has developed 90 new varieties of potatoes in 2014. However, it’s oca one of the more than 900 Peruvian varieties that Choqque makes the wine (via Fine Dining Lovers). It was the high sugar content that, when properly cultivated it can yield a 11%-12 percent ABV wine — which prompted Choqque to convert to alcohol. According to Parade, the oca grape is sometimes described as “the lost crop of the Incas.”

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