The Best Wines to Drink at your Wedding Reception

It’s your wedding day? You’re tying the knot in a long-term commitment to someone you love.

After the ceremony is completed, it’s time to enjoy the reception. It’s a great time to sip wine with your closest family and friends.

If you’re using an event caterer to host the event, the wine selection is usually up to them since it is included in the price.

If you’re planning the wedding reception yourself, you must pick the right wine.

It can be a hassle regarding cost and choosing the most appropriate preferences.

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Weddings are expensive, and wedding receptions could cost several thousand pounds.

Therefore, ensuring you get the most value for the wine you pick is essential. In this article, we will suggest good, affordable wines that can be purchased in bulk or with larger bottles, which offer more excellent value.

Best Wines to Serve Early Arriving Guests

The guests will always show up too early for any celebration. You will stay in the parking area if this happens during your wedding reception.

You must also welcome them and offer them an aperitif as they wait for the other people to join in.

You’ll require the right wine, light and refreshing, and one that’s not excessively expensive. Here are some fantastic examples:

San Leo Prosecco Magnum Twin Pack

From the Waitrose Cellar, these are two Magnum bottles.

You are getting plenty of wine at a reasonable price. Prosecco is a fantastic Italian sparkling wine.

This is why serving it to your guests in the early hours of your wedding reception is an excellent option to replace champagne.

It is a light and refreshing white wine, a popular choice for drinkers.

  • San Leo Prosecco Magnum Twin Pack
  • EUR53.09 Find a merchant

The Grand Vin Six Bottle Wine Gift 6 x 75cl Bottles

The Majestic Wine, here we have a selection of wines for those with pockets that are a bit deeper.

This is a 6-bottle package consisting of German wines. Three bottles of red wine and three bottles of white.

This will give your arriving guests a more excellent food choice for your wedding reception.

La Vie en Rose Mix Six 6 x 75cl Bottles

The wine comes from Majestic Wine; we have six mixed bottles of Rose wine here. These are the most affordable rose wines from France and Italy.

Rose is a great option to serve guests early during a wedding reception. It is simple to drink and refreshing.

The benefit of this recipe is that when it’s not consumed by people there early, the food may be used for Dinner or later in the evening.

Wine of the kind

  • Beer
  • Champagne
  • Cocktails
  • Liquor
  • The Most Excellent Port Wine from Portugal
  • Red Wine
  • Rose Wine
  • Sparkling Wine
  • White Wine

Wines to drink with the formal Dinner

A formal meal at a reception for a wedding is a custom. However, even if you have a couple dozen guests at the wedding party, it’s a vast quantity of wine that you’ll have to serve.

It would help if you located excellent wines that are excellent value for money. Here’s a list of the ones we think will be ideal:

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Six Bottle Wine Gift in Wood 6 x 75cl Bottles

If you want to pair wines with white meats and fish, Sauvignon Blanc is a good option. Dry, with a fantastic citrus scent. Its finish can be dry but still refreshing.

We have a six bottle set of excellent cheap Sauvignon Blanc from Majestic Wines.

It is an excellent option to go with the formal Dinner served at your wedding reception, especially if you’re eating white meat or vegetarian food.

Alpha Zeta R Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso 2013 6 x 75cl Bottles

The source is TheDrinkShop. Here is our selection of red wines to enjoy in conjunction with your formal meal at your reception for your wedding.

This is an excellent choice if you’re serving red meat or other rich dishes.

A refreshing and fruity Valpolicella is sold in a pack of 6 bottles. It’s a dry and refreshing red but not too difficult.

It is an excellent choice for those who prefer less hefty red wines.

  • Alpha Zeta – R Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso 2013 6x 75cl Bottles
  • EUR82.31 Find a retailer

Wine Buyers French white and red wine Special collection (6 bottles)

If you’re happy to pay a bit more money to ensure that your wedding reception dinner is extra memorable, purchasing from Vintage Wine Gifts is a wise option.

We have selected a carefully curated assortment of French white and red wines from France.

These are exceptional wines. Aside from the cost, it is essential to note the budget for this category.

Wines for the After Dinner Speeches and Toasts

After Dinner is finished and dusted, it’s time to begin another wedding ceremony ritual.

The following dinner speeches and toasts. We require something like champagne.

We are likely to require plenty. Therefore, we need the bubbly and the ambiance of champagne without the cost. Here’s our selection of wines that will satisfy this void:

Prosecco Conegliano Six Bottle Champagne Gift 6 x 75cl Bottles

It’s impossible to get wrong with this choice from a magnificent wine. An excellent White Italian Prosecco has been filled to make the appearance of a champagne.

It’s got all the look with a stylish and elegant design, and the price makes it an easy choice.

This is a fantastic choice to make a great toast following your wedding reception meal. Many people don’t even know it’s not real champagne.

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