Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio

Are you curious about the differences between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris? You are not alone!

The terms “Pinot Grigio” and “Pinot Gris” are often used by wine enthusiasts, assuming that they refer to different wines. These two names refer to the same grape variety. Differences are in the styles, production methods, and regions where they are grown.

This blog post will examine the differences between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris. We’ll also discover what makes them different despite having the same origin.

The Origin Story

The origin of Pinot Grigio can be traced back to the Pinot grape family and the Burgundy area of France.

Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris is a white wine grape that produces white wines.

It is believed that the grape’s origins began in Burgundy, France. This is where the grape is believed to be a mutation of red Pinot Noir grapes. The grape developed a grayish-blue skin, giving it the name “Pinot Gris.”

Pinot Grigio vs Pinot Noir

Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris are among the most popular varieties of white wines in the world today. The light, crisp, and refreshing style of this wine has made it popular among wine lovers and a staple in wine shops and wine lists worldwide.

Name Connotations

The main difference between Pinot Gris vs. Pinot Grigio is the connotation of each name. The term “Pinot Grigio,” which is Italian, is different from “Pinot Gris,” which is French.

Typically, “Pinot Grigio wines are lighter, crisper, and more refreshing, which is common in northern Italy.

The Alsace region of France is known for its full-bodied, complex wines.

Pinot Grigio vs Pinot Gris – Style and Taste

Pinot Grigio Taste

Pinot Grigio is a refreshing wine with a high acidity. Its light body and zesty acidity make it a great summer drink. It is characterized by subtle citrus flavors, green apple, and pear with a clean, refreshing finish. It is lighter in body and pale yellow due to the minimal skin contact. Pinot Grigio is similar to Sauvignon Blanc.

Consider lighter foods, like seafood, salads, and poultry dishes.

Pinot Gris Taste

Pinot Gris is made using a slightly different process that involves more skin contact. This gives the wine a darker color, ranging from golden to coppery pink.

This extra skin contact allows for stronger aromas and flavors. You can expect to taste notes of tropical fruits, honey, and ripe stone fruit. Pinot Gris is more aromatic than its Grigio counterpart and has a silkier texture.

Pinot Gris is a great wine to pair with a variety of flavors. Its slightly richer profile and complexity make it ideally suited for those that have hints of sweetness or richness. Consider pairing it with roasted chicken or creamy pasta.

Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio: Production Regions

Pinot Grigio has a strong association with Italy. It is especially popular in areas like Veneto and Alto Adige. Italian Pinot Grigios have a light, crisp flavor and are often served with seafood or as an aperitif.

Pinot Gris is the dominant white grape in Alsace, France. Alsace Pinot Gris is fuller-bodied, higher in alcohol, and pairs well with richer foods such as foie gras, roasted chicken, and spicy dishes.


Pinot Grigio is a versatile wine that can be paired with a variety of foods and occasions. Pinot Grigio is a great choice for warmer weather and lighter fare. Pinot Gris, on the other hand, has a complex and structured structure that makes it suited to heartier meals.

The conclusion of the article is

While Pinot Grigio & Pinot Gris are both made from the same grape, they have distinct styles, names & regional associations. Pinot Grigio is crisp and light, while Pinot Gris is complex and rich.

Explore both wines to discover the fascinating world of Pinot Gris/Grigio. Enjoy these delicious wines and learn about their subtle nuances. Cheers!

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