Learn Everything About Wine in the Guide to Understanding Wine

Many people have different views on Wine. Wine is a hobby, passion, beverage, accompaniment to meals, investment, or a way to escape the monotony of daily life. Others use it as a memory aid to help them remember important events. And some love its hedonistic appeal.

No matter how you view Wine, everyone can always learn something new about it. This page contains several articles that will help you learn more about Wine. You can learn how to drink and write or talk about your experience.

Some articles will help you learn more about wine-food pairing and how wine is produced. We also have articles about the health benefits of Wine and how to identify flaws. You can also learn more about wine history.

All you need to know about wine tasting gives you all the information you need to taste Wine like a professional. This article will cover everything you need, from the swirl to the smell and the sip. You will learn everything professional wine tasters do by reading this article.

The Davis Wine aroma wheel can help you learn more about Wine after you have read the article. You will be able to identify all the different flavors and aromatic qualities in each type of Wine.

The Complete Dictionary of Important Wine Terms & Wine Phrases will teach you all the words and phrases that you need to learn to express yourself.

If you have ever considered writing your Wine tasting notes or wine ratings or rating Wine for your blog or yourself, Wine Rates and Reasons to Rate Wine can help you understand why you would want to do so.

Learning all about Wine allows you to discover information on many wine-related topics.

The following articles will not only help you learn more about the wine world but also increase your enjoyment of it.

Many seemingly insignificant things can make your Wine taste better or worse. Decanting is the act of pouring wine into another vessel to allow air to interact with the Wine. This can completely change the way you drink Wine! The Wine’s age, type, varietal, vintage, and region are all factors. Decanting Wine, why, when, how long, and what Wine to decant explained.

It is not difficult to pair Wine with food. It’s a mistake that far too many people commit. It’s more of an art than a science. These simple tips for pairing food and Wine will make your evening that much more enjoyable. The best ideas for pairing food and Wine.

You’ve probably learned a great deal about Wine by now. If you have ever wondered how fine wine is made, the process is simple, but it requires a lot more detail. How White and Red Wine is Made

You cannot make good Wine without grapes. The grape variety and its expression will determine what type of Wine is produced. Grapes are used to make Wine. Planting grape varieties that will have great wine is just one part of the equation. The soil and Terroir are also important.

Wine Bottles and Wine Corks may not seem important, but in fact, they are. The corks can allow Wine to age and evolve correctly or, if they are defective, can cause the Wine to become corked. This will ruin your bottle, making it undrinkable. Recognizing Corked Wines and their Causes.

Corks are not indestructible, just like Wine. You can only replace your Wine by purchasing a new bottle. Wine corks, however, can be replaced. All you need to Know about Re-Corking

Wine corks are available in many different sizes and shapes. Some producers are using screwcaps or synthetic materials instead of pins. Learn about wine corks and other types of bottle sealants. Corks are available in many different sizes and shapes, just like wine bottles.

Wine bottles come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from 100ml cylinders to Melchizedeks, which are 30L, or the equivalent of forty wine bottles. Wine bottle shapes and sizes. Explaining the size of wine bottles.

Overindulgence is unhealthy, and that goes for Wine as well. In moderate quantities, Wine can be beneficial to your health and mind. Many medical studies show that a glass of red wine or two per day can have many benefits, mainly due to the antioxidants and Resveratrol found in it. Nutritional and Health Facts of Drinking Red Wine.

Wine has health benefits, but only when consumed in moderation. Wine consumption in excess can lead to a number of health problems. Red wine headaches are not caused by excessive wine consumption. RWH, or red wine headaches, are not caused by the sulfates that many people think. This is a more complicated topic. Red Wine Headaches: Causes, Prevention and Cure

The Wine Cellar Insider covers Napa Valley and California. Both regions have an interesting and long history. The history of Bordeaux goes back much further to the Romans, who were the first to cultivate this region. The History of Bordeaux Wine Region as well as China.

Complete Guide to Bordeaux & China

You can also start discovering Bordeaux by using our Bordeaux101 Complete Beginners’ Guide to Everything Bordeaux.

The history of California wine is colorful and fascinating. While the first wineries in Napa Valley began in the 1850s, they are no less interesting. History of California Wine

A complex set of French wine laws. Grapes of France, Appellation Laws, and Vineyards


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