Gentilini Robola of Cephalonia, Wine paired with roasted asparagus salad

In a sea of stunning turquoise blue waters, The islet of the mountains Cephalonia is the biggest island of all the Ionian islands located in the west of Greece. Cephalonia is also an island that has its unique white grape variety, Robola.

The region is blessed with the chalky, chalky soils of Cephalonia as well as limestone bedrock at high altitudes and dry, hot temperatures; Cephalonia is the perfect location to express the delicious indigenous grape.

I, too, was in awe of Robiola the first time I tried its wine. It was one from Gentilini, a family-owned winery that has found its zen in cultivating traditional, local grape varieties using the most up-to-date, modern production and growing techniques.

The 2009. Robola is a stunning example of Gentilini’s skill…

Gentilini Robola of Cephalonia

Producer: Gentilini

Region: Cephalonia

Grapes: 100% Robola

Alc: 13%

Price: $17

Serve with a little chilled.

Shimmery-lemon-colored with golden highlights, the wine looks luscious and rich. It is bursting with fresh flavors of grapefruit and lemon zest, unripe stone fruit white blossoms, subtle almond notes, and delicious minerality. The mouthfeel of the wine is soft and soft and smooth. The citrus notes soften (reminiscent of that of curd lemonade), and the refreshing acidity and slight minerally salty notes create every taste bud stir.

With all that on its own, Gentilini’s Robiola is an incredibly friendly wine for food that will be perfect with seafood, poultry, or any salty hors-d’oeuvre. It was particularly delicious when I served my roast asparagus salad with Valencia citrus and ginger-citrus vinaigrette. The citrus flavors paired well with the vinaigrette made of orange and lime. At the same time, the luscious, medium-bodied Robiola was able to stand in the smoky flavors of the asparagus that was roasted. The crisp acidity of the wine begs dishes that complement it, and the vinaigrette was able to do exactly that. The almond-like notes even tinged with the lightly toasty sesame seeds.

Complex, balanced, lively, and fresh. All this is in the mind while sipping The Gentilini’s Robiola… and as and as the idea of the possibility of a trip to this idyllic region of the globe.

Where can you purchase Greek wines?

The US: Astor Wines, located in New York City, has an amazing collection of Greek wines. They deliver across the country. I suggest starting with a wine that is priced above $12.

Grand Wine & Liquor, located in Astoria, New York, also has a selection of Greek wines. There aren’t all listed on their website, and you should you can call them direct toll free at (718) 728-2520. They will ship!

Within Europe: 600 Bottles sells top Greek wines on the internet.

Where can I try Greek wines

One of the best ways to experience Greek wines is at a restaurant. The best place to taste Greek wines is in New York, Sommelier Michael Madrigale of Bar Boulud and Boulud Sud has a variety of excellent Greek vinos in his list of wines, which include the rare vintages that can only be found elsewhere. Molyvos is an excellent listing of wines featuring wines from all region of Greece. Snack Taverna is home to the smallest but most excellent wine selection. The restaurant also offers wine by glass.

This is exactly the way I went about it. When I sat down at the table in the morning, I could hear the click of glasses and echoes of laughter.

“Change can be hard and uncomfortable. However, this is not the first time we’ve made a transition in the way that we transport ourselves across our national forests,” Owens stated. “We know we will encounter issues along this journey and will continually analyze them and figure out the best path forward because that’s what we do in the Forest Service.”


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