The wine has not let us down in any way. We usually do a festive list of the “12 Wines of Christmas”, but there were so many great wines that we could not narrow it down to 12.

This year, the team worked together to choose the Great British Wine “Class of 2020”. This is a great opportunity for us all to reflect on the best wines that were produced in England and Wales.

Each day, we will reveal a new category for the first ten days of December. So keep checking to see if your favorite made it onto our list. Please comment with your favorite types if you do not see them on our list.

Menu – GBW Class 2020


The best blends are made using the Traditional Method of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Roebuck Estates Classic Cuvee 2014

John Selected:

The wine was one of my favorites of the first months of the year. “Complex, exuberant and beautifully textured.”

Simpsons Chalklands Classic Cuvee 2016,

Select by Stephen

This wine is rich, complex, and full. It is a real triumph. This relatively young wine has a long finish, and it has the power to add.

Gusbourne Brut Reserve 2016

Hannah’s Selected:

This is the English Sparkling I would choose if I were to choose one that most closely resembled Champagne. This is a sparkling wine with a lot of autolytic notes. It has a hint of Biscotti and some toasty bread crumbs with a citrusy finish. “I’d like to drink it on its own, so I can soak up the lovely bread notes.”

Langham Estate Corallian NV

Alex’s Selected Selections

This is fantastic! This is easily one of the top PS25 wines. The low residual sugar (2g/l), which is a great way to achieve purity and tension, works wonders. Delicious.”

Albury Vermouth Rosso

The Albury Rosso vermouth is similar to our Albury Bianco. It has a rich flavor of exotic nutmeg and anise with coffee, rooibos, honey caramelized, and other exotic spices. This combination was perfect for our Amaretto Sour. The spicy, bitter vermouth combined with the nutty Amaretto and the sourness from the lemon juice.

Rocks: Glass

Garnish: Lebkuchen


The following ingredients can be shaken dry (without ice) and then wet-shaken over ice.

20ml Lazzaroni Amaretto

30ml Albury Rosso vermouth

Lemon juice 25ml

Simple Syrup, 12.5ml

Egg white

Strain into glass


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