7 Wines That Retailers Are Betting on for Holiday Gifting

Retailers across the nation are preparing to meet the holiday rush. Most buyers have already ordered more Champagne in order to meet the demand. According to an IWSR Drinks Market Analysis Report, Champagne sales have increased 30 percent since 2019. The retailers will also increase the amount of white and red wine in order to meet the demand that is generated by the holidays.

Some buyers also have big plans in mind for the additional inventory. Retailers use the winter holiday season to introduce curated wine collections and holiday gift sets. They also host in-store tastings, as well as other marketing initiatives, all designed to inspire holiday wine purchases. Craig Perman is the owner of Perman Wine Selections and the buyer. He says that he sends out his Thanksgiving newsletter in the first weeks of November and the Champagne newsletter in early December. Many of my clients buy wine bottles before they need them. Our customers look forward to receiving our newsletters and stock up. Inventory moves fast. “I’ve got the wine I know they will like well in advance.

SevenFifty Daily surveyed seven wine retailers across the country to find out which bottles they are most excited to sell and recommend this holiday season, whether for lavish meals, parties, or as gifts. All wines are priced per bottle in the establishment.

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Craig Perman of Perman Wine Selections, the owner, has selected Georges Laval Brut Nature ‘Les Hautes Chevres 2014’. Craig Perman provided the photo.

  • Georges Laval ‘Les Hautes Chevres’ Brut Nature 2014, Champagne, France; $260

Select by Craig Perman, owner of Perman Wine Selections in Chicago.

Perman Wine Selections in Chicago has been a trusted source for quality wines that have been off the beaten track for 16 years. Customers are just as likely to come across a Slovakian skin-contact wine as they are to find a bottle from Burgundy. Perman’s grower Champagne selection has become “a huge focus of the shop,” says Perman. Perman’s clients look forward to the limited edition bubbly that is sold all year long, which is often sourced during his annual trip to France.

Perman says, “I was the first person in Chicago to sell Georges Laval Champagne.” My customers love the Laval story and what it represents. Perman says, “Of course, Champagne is also excellent to drink.” He adds that Les Hautes Chevres make a great gift because of their rarity.

Jessica Green, proprietor of Down the Rabbit Hole Wine Boutique, has selected Cantina Carafoli’s ‘Nicchia Lambrusco di Modena, NV. Jessica Green is the photographer.

  • Cantina Carafoli ‘Nicchia’ Lambrusco di Modena NV, Emilia-Romagna, Italy; $15

Jessica Green, owner of Down The Rabbit Hole Wine Boutique in Sayville, New York, has selected the wines.

Jessica Green, owner and buyer of Down the Rabbit Hole Wine Boutique on Long Island, says: “I love to bring Lambrusco and sparkling wine for Thanksgiving and the holiday season.” Green stocks Cantina Carrafoli’s “Nicchia” Lambrusco in her store throughout the holiday season. She says that the wine’s fruitiness and vibrant structure, as well as its easy-drinking nature, add a festive touch to any table. The wine also pairs well with a wide variety of foods.

Green: “Whether you are a wine lover or new to wine, Lambrusco has a very pleasant taste and goes with many of the foods that people enjoy during the holidays and winter.” It just adds a new twist to the table.

Celia Barber of Imperfetta, the owner of Barale Fratelli “Serraboella” Barbaresco 2019, has selected this product. Celia Barber provided the photo.

  • Barale Fratelli ‘Serraboella’ Barbaresco 2019, Piedmont, Italy; $59

Select by Celia Barber, owner of Imperfetta Seattle

Celia Barber does not necessarily prepare for the holiday season. She uses the weather as a guide to help her make purchases. Barber’s bottle store, Imperfetta, is fully stocked by the time winter holidays arrive.

Barber says that Barale Fratelli’s “Serraboella” Barbaresco is a great buy this season. Barber says the organic wine, which is made from 100 percent Nebbiolo in the Piedmont region of Barbaresco (Piedmont), “is like a perfectly tailored suit.” It’s a classic and timeless bottle that looks great on any table. You will look sharp if you bring this bottle to a party or holiday event.

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