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Australia is home to an abundance of incredible wine producers that offer distinctive yet timeless options – and Winery Lane brings you one step closer to them. In our online store, you’ll find all the information you’ll need to discover the best Shiraz wine for affordable prices. Better yet, we’ll ship them straight to your door.

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When it comes to Australian wine, Shiraz is second to none

Although Shiraz originated in France, it has unmistakeably become a central part of Australian wine culture. As the country’s most popular red wine and one of our industry’s most successful exports, regions such as Canberra, Yarra Valley, Great Southern create truly iconic options due to their warm days and cool nights.

Our partner labels such as Woods Crampton, Warramunda Estate and Lethbridge Wines all make stunning Shiraz and Sparkling Shiraz options, allowing you to choose from the best of the best. Each one is steadfast in their commitment to producing exceptional quality options, using unique approaches that you can’t simply find in any wine store. Read a bit more about our partners on their profile pages, or shop their range to see why we are proud to have them as part of Winery Lane.

You go-to online store for the best local wine

Here at Winery Lane, we are making the act of wine shopping more personal. The time, effort, innovation and people that are needed in order to create each and every bottle is truly incredible. Because of this, we believe that understanding how your wine was made makes for a more enjoyable drinking experience. It’s about supporting local producers not simply because it’s good to do so, but because they make some of the most delicious options you could find – anywhere.

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When you buy from Winery Lane, you’re trying some of the best Shiraz wine from truly exceptional Australian producers. Our focus is on connecting you with vineyards and wineries who make world-class options from our very own backyard.

Take a look at our range online and place your order to see why we’re the best way to shop for your wine.

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