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Pinot Noir

Perfect with dinner and dessert, Pinot Noir is loved the world over for its decadence and deliciousness. With plenty of Australian regions producing exceptional versions of this red grape, Winery Lane has sourced some of the very best local wineries for our online store.

Start shopping today to find something that you love from first sip to last.

What makes a good Pinot Noir?

One of the more difficult wines to master, this option is a staple for many red wine lovers. Some of the best Pinot Noir is usually light-bodied while also being incredible aromatic, multi-layered and offering incredible length. Fruit flavours should be very prominent, with redcurrants, black cherries, plums and strawberries all commonly used as its core.

Great Southern is one of Australia’s most prominent region for this much-loved wine, however Yarra Valley, Margaret River and Frankland River are all known for their amazing production of this cool-climate wine. Take a look at options from Amelia Park Wines, Eden Road and Castelli Estate to see how our favourite local producers are creating truly memorable Pinot Noir.

Offering a unique wine shopping experience

When you’re an enthusiastic wine drinker, trying a new bottle can be an incredibly exciting process. But finding a way to get your hands on the best of the best can be inconvenient at best and expensive at worst. That’s one of the reasons why we started Winery Lane; because we knew that there were thousands of people like us throughout Australia who wanted easy access to locally produced options that wouldn’t break the bank. And then we thought, why stop there?

That’s why we give you an abundance of information on where your wine comes from and who made it. We believe that this only makes the process more enjoyable, as you can appreciate the care, commitment and passion that went into each harvest. Convenient, accessible and competitively priced; once you’ve shopped with us, you won’t want to find your wine any other way.

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When it comes to red wine, Pinot Noir certainly holds its own. Take a look at some of the best Australian options we’ve come across in our online store, or browse other varietals today.

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