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As one of Australia’s most popular red wines, Merlot is often considered a staple in any wine drinkers collection. As diverse as it is delicious, Winery Lane has sourced local producers who are known for their commitment to creating impressive bottles that impress some of the industry’s most acclaimed reviewers.

Committed to offering our customers a convenient and affordable way to try new wine, our online store is filled with information and recommendations. Take a look today to find something you love and have it shipped straight to your door.

Get to know Merlot

Merlot is typically characterised as a smooth red, featuring easy tannins and red fruits that give it a distinct softness. In Australia, it is often blended with another red varietal, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, as its suppleness allows it to work well with other varietals.

At Winery Lane, we are proud to offer a variety of great Cabernet Melot’s and Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot’s from producers such as Amelia Park Wines, Flametree Wines, Evoi Wines and McHenry Hohnen. With an option to suit almost any preference, we are confident that you’ll find your new favourite blend amongst our diverse, high quality range.

Find all your favourite wines

In addition to Merlot, wine of all varietals can be found from top of the range producers in our online store. Whether you’re more of a Sauvignon Blanc kind of person, are looking for the perfect Sparkling Wine for that special event or want to try a blend of our country’s finest grapes, we have it all in one place. Even better, each and every option on our website is made to the highest degree of quality by Australian producers. So, when you’re buying with us, you’re supporting local wineries you won’t often find anywhere else.

Place your order today

Find the best Merlot from amongst our range of incredible partner labels. Offering affordable prices and fast shipping straight to your door anywhere in Australia, Winery Lane is the only place to source new additions to your wine collection.

Order from our extensive range today to see why so many wine lovers throughout the country choose us as their online store of choice.

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