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What does a winemaker do when their grape harvest doesn’t yield the abundance or the quality they were hoping for? More often than not, they blend. This process takes two or more sub-par grape varieties and combines them to create something that is far more impressive. Some of the best red wine blends come from Australia, with Cabernet Shiraz being one of the most popular.

In our online store you can find a wide range of different blends, each with their own unique characteristics offering a truly enjoyable drinking experience. From Amelia Park Wine’s Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot blend to Flametree Wines to Woods Crampton’s Shiraz and Bonvedro, browse our store to find a red blend wine that suits your palate.

World-class wines from local producers

Here at Winery Lane, we don’t believe that buying locally means that you need to compromise on quality. Quite the opposite, in fact; in our experience, choosing wine from the smaller, handcrafted labels often gives you a far more enriching and enjoyable drinking experience. With so much passion, hard work and dedication going into each bottle, our Australian wineries are not only some of the best in the country, but in the world.

Our partner producers redefine what it means to make wine of exceptional quality. From natural, minimal intervention creations to Evoi Wines’ one-man-show, our online store is a way for us to share with you all the talented teams of people we know you’ll love. Take a look at their profiles today or order online to see why they made the cut.

Take your pick from our range

We could sit here all day and tell you just how incredible our partner producers are – but why would we tell you when you could experience it for yourself instead?

Take your pick from our expansive range of blended red wine and see why we’re the online store of choice for so many people throughout Australia. After all, what’s better than wine shipped straight to your front door? Not much, if you ask us.

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