“We don’t aim to have a recipe for each variety, our recipe is tasting the wine and justifying what you’re going to do.”

Luke Joliffe

Stella Bella Wines

Initially established in 1996 under the Suckfizzle brand, Stella Bella Wines have diversified their portfolio and left their mark on the local and international wine community. Now, it is their Skuttlebutt and Serie Luminosa wines coming to the fore. Those with a keen eye will recognise the labels and those with a deft palate will attest to its quality.  

At its heart, Stella Bella is intent on encapsulating southern Margaret River provenance. The winery’s six vineyards are ideally located in this subregion, where the extremes of summer and winter are tempered. The unique terroir of the region creates longer, cooler ripening periods and produces fruit of a superior quality.

Everything about Stella Bella emphasises a dedication to restrained techniques and minimal intervention. The winery prefers organic fertilisers and has minimal chemical inputs, allowing the fruit quality to shine through. 

Stella Bella Wines reflect the tight-knit community behind the brand. Its wines are full of character and warmth and designed to help you create memorable experiences.

Winemaker - Luke Joliffe

Senior Winemaker, Luke Jolliffe, is a self-confessed “wine nerd” who lives and breathes his craft.

Almost two decades ago, Luke began his wine career as a viticulturist, working in some of South Australia’s most renowned wineries. After several vintages, he felt the pull of the winemaker's craft and began studying a post-graduate degree in Oenology. After completing his degree, Luke travelled to the Rhône Valley where he learnt from Saint Joseph’s experts de vin.

In 2007 Luke joined Stella Bella as a vintage assistant. His passion and breadth of knowledge saw him quickly promoted to Assistant Winemaker and Winemaker before taking the helm in 2013.

Given his viticultural background, it’s unsurprising to note Luke’s winemaking philosophy begins in the vineyard. This philosophy, coupled with his knowledge and experience, perfectly complement Stella Bella's ambitious winemaking style.

For Luke, winemaking is far more than a job – it’s a passion and an obsession.

Stella Bella Wines 2014 Serie Luminosa Cabernet Sauvignon

Stella Bella Wines 2013 Serie Luminosa Chardonnay