“I believe there is a mixture of art and science and we’re tending towards art. We want the fruit to speak for itself.”

Travis Bush

Greenstone Vineyards

The Greenstone philosophy is simple: if you carefully cultivate the vines and select only the best fruit, exquisite wines will follow. And since 2003, this multi-regional winery has been doing just that. First in Heathcote and more recently in the Yarra Valley too. That its name is derived from Heathcote’s green-tinged, copper basalt soil, reiterates Greenstone’s respect for the land. 

Lying just north of Melbourne, Greenstone’s Heathcote vineyard is positioned on a unique ridge of old Cambrian soil that dates back 550 million years. The deep red soil, with its near-perfect pH, is widely credited as one of the defining attributes which help it produce consistently high-quality Shiraz and Sangiovese varietals.

The addition of the Yarra Valley vineyard, in 2015, saw Greenstone add new varietals to their range, including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet. This vineyard, previously Sticks Yarra Valley, has a long history of producing outstanding wines thanks to the local climate and rich soils – which resonate strongly with Greenstone’s philosophy.

Winemaker - Travis Bush

Greenstone’s senior winemaker, Travis Bush, fell in love with winemaking more than two decades ago. He began his career 'behind the scenes', studying chemistry and working in a wine laboratory before feeling the pull of the craft. In 1996 he set off on a winemaking pilgrimage through Europe, thirsty to hone his skills and learn more about the art form. He returned to Australia to study Oenology and has been producing superb Victorian wines ever since.

Travis has a minimalist approach to winemaking, opting for simplicity over intervention, to achieve the highest quality wine. This philosophy, coupled with his openness to new world technologies makes him perfect for conquering the diverse terroir of Greenstone’s vineyards.

Travis focuses on carefully tending Greenstone’s relatively small vineyards, favouring quality over quantity. One should never underestimate the elegance, sophistication and complexity that’s achieved through this level of simplicity.

Greenstone Vineyards 2010 Copper Block Heathcote Shiraz

Greenstone Vineyards 2015 Estate Series Heathcote Shiraz