“My parents planted the first vines in 1968. Dad picked which varieties he thought would suit best here and we've progressively planted since then. Now we've got a huge fruit salad of varieties.”

David Ritchie


Delatite was established by Robert and Vivienne Ritchie in 1968 as family owned and operated vineyards. Nestled near Mansfield - a town neighbouring Victoria’s famous Mount Buller – the estate has been a Ritchie family heirloom since the late 1890’s.

For the better part of 20 years the pair grew and harvested grapes for the surrounding wineries until they built their own - the crucial second piece to accompany their esteemed vineyards. The move allowed them to launch their own brand.

Since then, Delatite has established themselves as a tour de force for the region and beyond.

The Delatite style is defined by two major elements; the first is the region’s natural climate affording it with a refined ‘European’ style of wine known to many in Australia as ‘cool-climate’. Secondly, since 2001 Delatite began transforming their viticulture practises in line with Rudolf Steiner’s teachings on biodynamics. By 2005 all their estate vineyards were tended to in line with a biodynamic, ‘holistic’ approach to winemaking.

Now approaching their Golden Jubilee of 50 years, Delatite has proven they’re here to stay.

Winemaker - David Ritchie

Second-generation winemaker David Ritchie took the reins of the family business from his parents to become the steward of Delatite and continues its legacy as a successful and innovative estate.

The ethos behind David’s approach to winemaking is to allow the regional terroir as much expression as it has to give. Between his following of biodynamics in the vineyard, his understanding of the region’s climate and the exclusive use of local wild yeasts to ferment the wine, David, along with his predecessors, has crafted a style unique to Delatite.

David’s personal love of Spanish grape varietals is leading Delatite into a second renaissance. The estate is now producing Spanish varietals in unique and interesting styles. The combination of cool-climate wines, cultivated in biodynamic vineyards and fermented with local naturally occurring yeasts ensure these new wines - companions to the already impressive catalogue - define the next decade of Delatite.

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