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Five Minutes With

Robert Magdziarz of Warramunda Estate

Warramunda Estate owner Robert Magdziarz takes a moment from running the vineyard to answer our questions about vintage 2017, new trends and old favourites.

How did this year’s vintage (2017) take shape?

"2017 has proved to be an excellent Vintage, however, there were delays in the Vineyard because of the big rain toward the end. To clarify vintage itself was delayed. A change of growth cycle happened late on and as a result, we picked Pinot Noir, Marsanne and Viognier later. Cabernet [Sauvignon] and Shiraz were picked on time. Our processing went seamlessly.”

What was a standout moment that sets it apart from other years?

"We were stressing about big rain close to harvest however the natural acids held and the fruit is excellent."

Which is your standout varietal this year?

"At this point in time, they are all outstanding, I feel they are better than the 2015 vintage. We were able to produce all our varietals. They all held onto their natural acid which meant picking times were tricky in most cases. While we picked with lower sugars the flavours were on point."

What’s the next varietal for Warramunda Estate?

“I’m focusing on Cabernet Franc. We’ve recently planted three or four acres.”

Robert Magdziarz owner of Warramunda Estate in Coldstream, Yarra Valley
Warramunda estate vintage 2017 - Shiraz grapes

What wine trends are you seeing coming out of the Yarra Valley?

“Nebbiolo. There are a couple coming out around the Yarra. Which is interesting; to see hot European varietals in cold climate regions. You know coming out of Italy you have Barolo; it’s big and bold but our Nebbiolo is the opposite. It’s like our Shiraz. We call it Syrah because we’re a cool climate region. We have the rounded, high acid low sugar style which differs from the likes of the Barossa. The next trend will be Nebbiolo.”

*Barolo and Nebbiolo are of the same grape, the difference is Nebbiolo can only be called Barolo if it comes from the villages of Barolo in Italy.

What is your go to wine varietal for Autumn/ Winter?

“Syrah. It’s because I find our mid-bodied Syrah, which reminds me of Côtes du Rhône and Hermitage, is a lovely balanced red wine full of spice and flavour. It goes well with so many foods. While I’m a Pinot man Syrah is just much more universal.”

You can find Warramunda estate in the Yarra Valley just outside of Melbourne.