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Ben Haines:

A Yarra Valley Great

Finding something new and exciting in the old and established can be a challenge, but not for winemaker Ben Haines. Ben is a self-confessed explorer and is on a winemaking pilgrimage that has taken him around the world.

Ben is the definition of a high achiever. He is the consultant winemaker at Warramunda Estate in the Yarra Valley and chief winemaker at Mount Langi Ghiran. At the same time, Ben finds time to produce wines under his own label.

Ben's father encouraged his pursuit of arts and creativity. This encouragement, coupled with a passion for science, was the catalyst for Ben entering the wine industry. A love of Rhône Valley varietals has influenced his winemaking philosophy and style which he calls the ‘Spirit of Provenance’.

“There is so much beauty and honesty in wine. It offers a true window into a special period of time like a hedonistic time capsule that can be revitalised, shared, pondered and enjoyed at any time with food and friends.”

In 2003, Ben began creating wine under his own label.  His first creation, a non-commercial passion project, was a rustic, cool climate Cabernet Sauvignon from Clarendon Hills. From these humble beginnings, Ben has gone on to create beautiful wines of almost every style. As a result, he was named Wine Society Young Winemaker of the year 2008.

Ben Haines (winemaker) at Warramunda Estate with a glass of the Warramunda Marsanne

Ben's love of the Rhône Valley brought him to Warramunda Estate in the Yarra Valley. Here, Ben works as consulting winemaker to father and daughter duo, Robert and Liv Magdziarz.  Together they have created the vineyard's flagship wine, the Warramunda Estate Syrah. Ben's fascination for the expression of 'region' has resulted in brilliant and complex wines that have brought a fresh approach to an established vineyard.

“Of course there is nothing new about any of this… expressing a sense of place and oneself; Provenance is the heart and soul of all great things – family, culture, food, art…”

To experience the passion Ben Haines puts into his craft, take a look at the Warramunda range and grab yourself a piece of the 'Provenance Spirit'.