Why Is Red Wine The Healthy One? A Doctor Debunks This Popular Myth.


Red wine fluctuates between healthy food and vice versa. Let’s get to the bottom of it once at last: is red wine beneficial for you? If yes, What is it that makes red wine unique?

Dr. Tim Naimi, director of the University of Victoria’s Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, Dr. Tim Naimi dispels the common belief that with regards to wine, red wines are healthier than white.


A lot of the discussion regarding the benefits to the health of red wine stems from antioxidants present in the drink that are referred to as polyphenols. Antioxidants can be used to treat inflammation, that is a possible benefit. There’s a specific kind of polyphenol found in red wine known as resveratrol. This is the substance that is often referred to as the “heart-healthy” antioxidant, and it’s derived from the skins of red grapes. White wine is devoid of the antioxidant resveratrol, and rose wines have less than red wines.

However, Naimi says there isn’t enough resveratrol found in the amount of red wine that people consume for it to provide any significant health benefits.

“If people wanted to get any benefits, they could just take pills,” He states. “I think the amount available in wine is probably not enough.”

“What I discovered was that proper analytical data was not provided to figure out if the grapes or wines were affected by the smoke,” he explained.

Crews concluded that the top research into the issue was done by the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) where researchers discovered a variety of chemicals which could be identified in affected wines and grapes and utilized to serve as “biomarkers” of smoke taint. He also discovered that the majority of US labs utilized in the industry of wine did not have sufficient tests. The new study was designed by the researcher to apply Australian methods to wine and grapes grown in California as well as Oregon.

“This research is highly valuable, with the potential to save countless dollars, and is increasingly relevant in our world of drought and climate change,” said Eleni Papadakis who is a winemaking consultant “I believe that I speak for the entire winemaking world when I speak of the joy and gratitude for the solid information and a solid foundation for guidance that professor Crews as well as his colleagues have offered through this groundbreaking research.

For Fine Dining Lovers. Manuel Choqque grew up in the mountains of the Andes region of Peru as the child of farmers who cultivate potatoes. He stayed with the family business and has developed 90 new varieties of potatoes in 2014. But it’s the oca, one of the more than 900 Peruvian varieties which Choqque makes his wines (via Fine Dining Lovers). Oca’s sugar content — which, if properly cultivated produces 11%-12 percent ABV wine that prompted Choqque to transform the substance into alcohol. According to Parade, Oca is often described as “the lost crop of the Incas.”

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